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This site offers Hopkins authors data on journals and publishers. Our goal is help authors find publishers that support the free exchange of information through author-friendly policies, and are cost competitive. For more information about writing and publishing articles and books, please see our "Writing & Publishing Subject Guide".

This application offers

  • A list of all journals with electronic access from the Welch Library, and the names of their publishers,
  • Ranking of impact factors for each journal from ISI's Journal Citation Reports,
  • Publishing instructions for authors,
  • Ranking of Hopkins usage statistics,
  • An opportunity to describe and comment on the specifics of publication agreements (comments may be signed or remain anonymous),
  • Comments by other Hopkins authors, and
  • Search journals by subject or alphabetically
  • Sort by Impact factor, title, Hopkins usage statistics, or publisher
  • Model Copyright and Publishing Agreements.
  • Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine

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