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Date: 06-14-04
Headline: JHU Press Grants Rights to Authors
JHU Press is making revisions to its standard journal 
agreement, clarifying some personal re-use rights. The new 
statement will tell authors:
You have the following nonexclusive rights: (1) to use the 
Article in your own teaching activities; (2) to publish the 
Article, or permit its publication, as a part of any book 
you may write; (3) to include the Article in your own 
personal or departmental database or on-line site; (4) to 
include the Article in your institutional database provided 
the database does not directly compete with either the 
Johns Hopkins University Press or Project Muse, is non-
commercial, is institution specific and not a repository 
that is disciplined based and/or accepts contributions from 
outside the institution. For use (4), you agree to request 
prior permission from the Press. For all rights granted in 
this paragraph, you agree to credit the Press as publisher 
and copyright holder.

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